I was browsing Quora, and somehow I got in an answer about Zsh. That shell seemed interesting to me so I decided to try out it. And I do not regret…

These are some cool features that make Z shell a good choice:

    • Auto-correct on known commands
    • Auto-complete: This is different from the default bash autocomplete
      You type kill and press . Instead of a list of files in current directory, you’ll see all your processes with their pids.
    • Remote auto-completion:
      So I can view remote file listings:

      Now if I press , I can view the remote directory listing on the remote server.
    • Expand variables:
      ~/ $PATH
      you get –>
      ~/ /usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/home/mridul/.rvm/bin
    • Extended gobbling :
      To know what I mean try this:
      ls *(
      What one gets is : a list of gobble characters
    • Use Alt-/ (forward slash) to move through argument history.
    • Shared command history between all running shells. This is something some people appreciate and some others wouldn’t like. But I find it useful for myself.

Z shell can be customized by oh-my-zsh: a community driven framework for managing zsh config. Has 40+ plugins and lots of themes. Probably the best way to get started with zsh,

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