Guillermo Gómez aka gomix recently published the Software Management Guide in It’s the first official document that is released in a language other than English. And that’s great! Because of that, it now has to be localized into English.

It won’t be available in Transifex platform so the l10n efforts will be done using System Version Control, in this case, git.

I’ll describe in short the process, which I think is really simple. The only requirement is to be sponsored for docs-writers FAS group.

The first step is to clone the git repository
$ git clone ssh://
wherein is your FAS username.

At the end, you’ll have a software-management-guide directory, where you’ll find the .po files to be edited.
$ cd software-management-guide/en-US/
will get you at the place where the files are stored.

The simplest way to work on the files is by using a PO files editor such as Poedit and gtranslator. Of course, you can use an advanced editor like emacs and vim, if you know what are you doing.

To finishing a chapter’s translation, set you ready for commit.
$ git commit -am "x file localization en_US will take a snapshot of all your changes and get them ready for pushing back to the repo.

Then, add a remote repository
git remote add ssh://
wherein is the name you want git to use for the repo.
Load your changes
$ git push f20

And we’re done. Keep in mind that Pro Git and Fedora Docs Style Guide are always good references.

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