On Saturday 17th the Fedora 21 Release Party took place in Mansión Teodolinda, Managua. Around 25 folks attended the event. There was new people who I had the chance to meet for first time and of course the old known faces as well. This was the first event GULNI event of the year.

F21 media and stickers were given away. I gave the last Fedora pins remaining, from those Itamar had handed to me to share.

In the schedule we planned three talks, in one of which I was going to talk. William first talked about cockpit, the new web server administration tool developed by Red Hat.

Next I came with William again, this time about the Fedora QA team, which kept pending at FUDCon. The attendees took part of it, which demostrates the interest in it.

And then I had the chance to go for a pizza slice after the talk…

In the end, Neville gave an interesting speech on Icaro project Icaro.

The event went very well. Old friends met and we had the attendance we expected. In general we all had a good time. I’d like to thank Neville for providing the facilities and space for the event.


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