August 30, 2019

Flock 2019 event report

I had the opportunity to attend Flock to Fedora in Budapest this year. Because I live in a city with a small international airport, I almost always have more than one flight when I fly abroad and this time it was no exception. I flew Managua - San Salvador - Madrid - Berlin and then rode a bus to Prague and from there to Budapest for almost two days of travel.

It was great to meet old friends and new people who share interests within the Fedora Project. This year I did not give a talk but took part in a number of sessions. The highlights were:

  • Fedora CI and rpminspect. As a Fedora packager sponsor, rpminspect is very valuable tool for me. I had been using fedora-review until now, but it is not very up-to-date and rpminspect will be a better replacement.

  • Tales from the crypt: packaging horrors. This was a very interesting talk. Many attendees shared their experiences and had a good time providing examples of what not to do when packaging RPMs, especially avoiding %pre and %post scriptlets.

  • What can we do for cross-distro collaboration in packaging? Another interesting session. I noticed we can definitely do better with Ruby packaging, for instance. I am not a Ruby programmer so I cannot say so much about it but as for Python packaging, there is clearly room for more automation as showed by openSUSE Spec files.

  • NeuroFedora: FOSS and open (neuro)science. As a mathematics student, I am looking forward to package more science-related software. I joined the NeuroFedora SIG and discussed with the team on tasks I could start with. I managed to make a draft package for pyrates.

I was a little disappointed to learn that there were no sessions focused on documentation. But overall it was a very good conference and I hope to make it next year!

© Eduardo Mayorga 2019

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